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How it Works

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A short survey helps us tailor a first aid kit to your family's needs.


We'll Keep You Current

Before an item expires, we'll have the replacement on your doorstep.


You Use It, We Replace It

When you use an item, let us know with our simple app. Or with Alexa or Siri. Or just send us a text! We'll mail your replacement item the next day.

The best part? It's easy and seamless.

In testing, it took an average of 11 seconds for a user to order a replacement item in our app.

Our replacement items are always in stock, and are the same form factor as the originals, so your kit stays just as organized as it was on day one.

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Why Have a First Aid Kit?

Accidents happen.

In some cases, your kit will be all you need. You can prevent the stress and cost of an ER trip, and keep the fun going at home.

When it's more serious, the faster you can provide initial treatment, the better the outcome. It's tough to think about, but we only have so much blood. In the event of a nasty injury, it's important to keep as much of it as we can.

Fast access is key.

By definition, accidents are unexpected. So to be useful, your kit needs to be fully stocked and easy to get to at all times.

And while we hope it's never serious, we know that kids are going to get hurt.

When we had an accident in our house, I thought we were ready. We've kept a first aid kit for years! But that meant all of our stuff was multiple years old, and some of it had been used up.


When you buy a standard first aid kit from a normal seller, keeping it current and fully stocked is a huge pain in the butt.

You need to remember to go through on a regular basis and check expiration dates and see what's been used.

And then actually restocking is even worse! Many of the refills you need aren't sold individually. If they are, the pricing and availability are inconsistent at best, and the form factor may have changed, making it hard to fit the replacement into your kit.

But it's critically important to keep your kit current, so that you are ready at the moment of need.

If your kit isn't going to be ready when you need it, why have one at all?

That's why we started ReadyAid - to make it effortless to always have a fully stocked first aid kit on hand at all times.

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